Marked By Moving

Are you enjoying this series? One of my featured women of faith will be giving away a special item for all my readers who are subscribed to my newsletter. Don’t miss out! I met Liz her freshman year of college. She was sporting overalls and swinging her keys on a lanyard. She said she wasn’t from anywhere, […]

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Marked By Uncertainty

I am so honored to be kicking off this special series with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Abby Anderson Perry. I’ve known her since we were in elementary school, since the days of slumber parties and Nichole Nordeman, since the days we stayed up all night “studying” in college. She’s been a roommate, […]

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What Are You Marked By?

Plagued by jealousy, fear, anxieties and comparison, women often go through their days feeling like everyone else is winning while they trudge through minute-by-minute just surviving. It’s isolating to look at others and see “different” or “better.” The best way to overcome this is to tear down walls, get nitty gritty in each other’s kitchens, […]

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