Let’s get political.

I thought Daniel Tiger was running for President. Didn’t you? It sure seems like it when I live with his campaign manager. My toddler does a great job of ensuring that he gets adequate air-time in our home and our undivided attention and support.

Voting. I have to get the kids in the car, drive to an unknown setting,¬†find the kids’ shoes that they took off while you got lost on the way, wrestle them out of the car-seats while putting their shoes back on, walk into a quiet room of strangers, make important decisions while running after one child and peeling the second one off of you, and then get everyone back in the car to repeat the process so that you can make it home in time to make dinner. Yeah, right.

Mamas, don’t let inconvenience win this time. After all, I just stay home with my kids. I’ll let my husband and friends in the work-force vote for me and be my voice.¬†Don’t let fear cripple you into thinking that your voice doesn’t matter. Your voice matters, and maybe even the most.

Every voice has an equal opportunity to impact the decision – one vote. Your voice is special, though, in that you get more. See those kids you’re struggling to bring along? Your voice influences and shapes their vote eighteen years from now. You’re putting in the long hours, showing the patience needed to explain for the 100th time “why,” and providing the care to sit down and show your child how things work and why our country needs great leaders. You’re teaching them what a great leader looks like, how to have integrity, and why our Presidents need Jesus.

Dr. Ben Carson attributes his success, his character and his story to his mother, a woman who couldn’t even read. Don’t you think she probably doubted her voice?

Don’t doubt yours. Rock the vote, Mamas.


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  1. Hannie says: Reply

    Make sure you use your voice. Even if I don’t entirely know who I should vote for I usually know who I won’t vote for. Last time I went to vote with my Mum Dad and my toddler so we took it in turns to vote while the others looked after the toddler. Sometimes that doesn’t work for people but not wasting the vote is important. Look at the history what women went through to get us the vote.

    1. YES! The history. “What women went through.” Love that reminder.

      1. Hannie says: Reply

        Oh and to stop the wrong person getting into office can be a good incentive. Don’t know where your allegiances fall but I know who I wouldn’t be voting for if I had to vote for in the presidential run…

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