Marked By Dimes

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dime-1124377_1920Carisse Penna is an incredible woman of faith that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for almost four years. We have been in a community group together since we were both married, and I have learned so much from her as a wife and mom. Enjoy!


Carisse photoTell us a little about yourself!

Hi I’m Carisse! I grew up across the way in Mesquite with my parents and twin sister (fraternal). I went to school to become an occupational therapist and along the way I met Mr. Dreamboat who’s now my husband. While completing grad school I got married and we had our first child (Leeland). This is my first year working and I’m due with our second (Adaleen) in June. I do enjoy this busy, young stage of life, but do have to work with God on contentment, stress, anxiety, etc…

Do you work? Tell us about what you do.

Yes! This is my first year so I’m sure I’m more enthusiastic than most, but I’m an Occupational Therapist for CFBisd. I love being able to work with students one on one and look at previous work samples and see that they are making progress! Every kid should have an opportunity to exceed in school by using whatever tools and strategies necessary, regardless of the setbacks they have faced.

What are your hobbies and passions?

I enjoy turning on the fireplace, regardless of the temperature outside, sitting in my chair and reading a historical fiction. I also enjoy planning activities to do with Leeland and finding decorations for whatever event that is coming up (baby shower, wedding, birthday, etc)

Tell us about your story of faith.

My faith story is not elaborate, but I do enjoy the way it unfolded. I group in a Christian home and attended church since I was little. I was saved at age 9 and “recommitted” myself at age 13. Since then I have learned many lessons, most of which the theme revolving around God is enough for me. My faith in God has grown over the years and has developed a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. At the end of the day, even with a husband and kids, God truly is all that I need and I only need to put my faith in him.

At the end of the day, even with a husband and kids, God truly is all that I need and I only need to put my faith in him.

Describe briefly your typical Tuesday!

I love Tuesdays and it’s my favorite day of the work week. On Tuesday I get to hang out with the preschoolers on my caseload and bring in 3 activities that match the weekly theme: fine motor, sensory or gross motor, and handwriting. I get to make up storylines to encourage imaginary thought, and act really excited. The kids love the activities and they really start opening up to you!

After work I pick up Leeland from daycare, come home and make dinner then clean up and get ready to go to community group.We’ll drive out to whoever is hosting that week and dive into the lesson or engage in conversations that are currently going on within each other’s household.

If you could have coffee with one of our readers, what wisdom would you want to impart?

Potty Training! For the past 3 months (I know, excessive) I have done my research and put together a document that outlines what to do and helpful tips and tricks (for boys), but the main thing I’d share are Bible verses I used to prepare my heart for potty training week. These verses helped prepare my heart and remind me to have a positive attitude, patience, and perseverance.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing? Where would you be?

I would be an event planner! I love looking at new trends and decorating. It’s one of my favorite parts about hosting a party or shower.

What is your least favorite thing about humanity?

How greedy we can all be. The amount of effort we put towards getting to the next step and being unsatisfied with what we have causes us to exhibit ungodly characteristics that always affect our relationships and ability to love and serve one another well.

Who is your hero and why?

 My Grandmother. She is one of the godliest women and it is seen by how she treats others, speaks about others, and serves others. There were many conversations during my high school and college years that I can reminiscence on where she encouraged/challenged me with scripture and would pray with me over the phone. She is one that God has used to further shape my relationship with him and helped shift my perspective on various things.

What would you say your life is “Marked By?”


My junior year of high school, my English teacher had us imagine there was a tree with dollar bills and dimes at the base. As humans we tend to fixate on milestones – “dollars” – which when they do come they often don’t meet our expectations, all the while we step on the moments – “dimes”- that happen daily. Since junior year, I’ve made more of an effort to not just look forward to the big milestones, or “dollars” in life, but instead look at the moments God gives us daily that encourage us, challenge us, teach us, and remind of us of how great he is.

I’m not perfect and will still easily fixate on that next milestone that is coming, but I have appreciated several dimes over the years that have been meaningful.


Carisse photoCarisse Penna loves the Lord and her family. She works by day as an OT and by night as a super party planner – bringing family and friends together for fun celebrations of everything momentous and minute.

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