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Today is a great day to jump in! Mary Jo Major is an amazing woman of faith, talented artist and vibrant personality. She leaves beauty and good vibes everywhere she goes. She is featured today sharing how her life is marked by faithfulness, and we are starting our giveaway to help remind the winner how God is faithfully at work, creating a masterpiece out of YOU. Here are the ways to earn entries:

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Mary+Jo+MajorTell us a little about yourself!

I’m a 29 yr. old white female who lives in Charlotte, NC but will forever claim TX as my roots. I’ve been married to a wonderful man named Paul for almost 7 years and we have a cute dog and cat who like to cuddle together. I grew up as the oldest of 3 in a middle class home in Houston with my parents who are still together. I went to a performing arts high school for art (so I was one of the weird ones :), but enjoyed going to LSU where I learned all about football and Mardi Gras.

My husband graduated from seminary in CLT about two years ago, and we are now in the beginning phases of moving to DC for him to begin his doctorate. I told him after he graduated seminary that I needed a little break before we did school again :). He is currently a middle school teacher at a private school in town.

Tell us about your work & why you love it!

I do work (maybe too much) and I work for myself! I started my own business last year after years of struggling to find my place in the interior design world. I’m a certified interior designer and artist- I do mostly mixed media pieces, paintings & drawings.

I LOVE what I do because I finally feel completely fulfilled with what I am doing. I started making artwork again after almost a decade of taking a break (I was burnt out after high school) and have loved getting into the process again and teaching myself what it looks like to be a prolific artist. But, I still really enjoyed interior design (I have done both commercial and residential design) and didn’t see how they connected…until it clicked that #designshouldstartwithart!


I love being able to help people create homes they feel themselves in- it is the best feeling in the world. I’ve done residential work in NC & TX, but recently I started offering virtual interior design- we aren’t separated by distance anymore!

What are your passions and hobbies?

My hobbies are running, baking (I really like making anything sweet from Southern Living Magazine- even if it asks for 4 extra ingredients I don’t have!), and hanging out with friends (that’s a hobby right?!). I used to say making art was a hobby…but once you start charging $ and making it part of your income it changes!

I’m passionate (meaning I get really excited and talk a lot faster and start making hand motions) about really good meals I’ve eaten from restaurants or around dining room tables. I don’t know if “passionate” is the right word for this, but I am really interested in the idea of “sexuality” and how our culture is telling us that we are defined by our sexual orientation instead of how God created us- in His image. I’ve been trying to read and really study this because as a pastor’s wife and a believer in 2016, we’re going to have to know how to talk about it.

I am really interested in the idea of “sexuality” and how our culture is telling us that we are defined by our sexual orientation instead of how God created us- in His image.

What is your story of faith?

I came to know the Lord at a young age and was raised in the church. However, I think it was in middle school and high school that I started to see how God could have a role outside of Sunday morning. Then in college, I started to understand more and more what Jesus really did for me through attending RUF (Reformed University Fellowship).

I was what you called a “Pharisee” growing up, so I loved to look like I was doing it right. During late high school, it dawned on me that I didn’t actually think I did anything bad…so I prayed that God would show me my sin. That is one prayer he doesn’t say “no” to. And that really started the beginning of my knowledge of the gospel in a way I don’t think I had grasped before.

I’m still being shown my sin and I’m still being shown the beauty of the gospel and how I am in need of Him (and loved by Him) deeply.

My Tuesdays look like:

-Waking up early to go to my 6AM-7AM Barre class (it’s the only work out class I can’t miss because the instructor is AMAZING!)

-Making coffee and walking my dog around the block

-Having a quick time of reading my bible app (M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan is one I am perpetually doing) and a page from “Voices from the Past”, collections of Puritans that will encourage you, admonish you and tell you things you didn’t even realize you struggled with!

-Get to work answering emails, working on my business course I’m doing, side projects etc. while eating yogurt for breakfast

-Take a break around 12:30/1 to eat lunch and go through my “promotional” email on gmail that seems never ending

-After lunch, I work on art and try to get the creative juices flowing!

-Eat a snack before Paul gets home from school at 3:30 so I can take a little break to catch up with him

-After Paul gets home, I keep working on art or start working on more art business related stuff (making sure to plan my IG picture that I’ll post that night while the lighting is still good 🙂

-Make dinner around 6, and eat at 7…lately it’s been something easy and not involved

-Watch an episode of the Office while eating ice cream after dinner

-Get back to work (on whatever I left off doing before dinner)

-Work until I feel like it…these days it’s usually 11:30 before I call it quits…but sometimes it can be later

If you could have coffee with one of our readers, what wisdom would you share?

My wisdom would be that I don’t have it together and no one does. Even if they look like it. Everyone runs to things to make them “okay” and as believers we have to learn that Jesus makes us okay. Not having the right job, haircut, outfit, marriage, home decor, your children’s clothing, vacation plans, family dynamics, skin, body weight, savings account, clean car, organic food are all things that we can define ourselves with.

I don’t have it together and no one does. Even if they look like it.

But that is such a lie, because we are so much more than that. We are enough in Christ. His life and death for us is the only thing we need to be okay- and more than okay! In Him, we are made whole and we don’t need to apologize for our homes not looking perfect or that we don’t have the best cooking skills.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor. 3:17).

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Trader Joes’ Greek Blueberry Yogurt

If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?

I would only answer the ones from family, friends, my church and then the ones that would have the most consequences if I didn’t answer them.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is Lilias Trotter – a missionary in northern Africa who left a career as an artist (and she would have become one of the most famous in England at the time) to go where she felt the Lord calling her. I hope that I can give the Lord control over my life the way she did. There is a movie about her called “Many Beautiful Things” that is incredible.

Finish this sentence with one word – “My life is marked by ________.”

My life is marked by “His faithfulness”. My husband and I have been through a lot in our marriage and every time we don’t have enough in the bank account, or find out something hard, or struggle in the season we’re in, God never fails us. He is always faithful to his people and will provide for them and protect them and guide them.

I seem to always struggle with remembering this! Yet He is so gracious in how He tenderly reminds me and gives me the grace to go through this life.


Such good truth to start our Monday morning with. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway (details at the beginning of the post). Not only do you get a free Design Guide, but you get the chance to win an original work of art to brighten up your creative space!


Mary Jo Major believes you should love where you live, and she has dedicated her career to helping you do that! You can find her at and on Instagram Email her to connect at


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