Marked By Hope


Meet our last woman of faith, Casey Uphues! I met her this year as she led my women’s Bible study group through our church. She has tons of wisdom, is a total boy mom, approachable and hilarious. Enjoy meeting her and seeing a glimpse into her world.


CaseyUphues3Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up in Tyler, Texas, in a strong Christian home, plagued by legalism. We loved Jesus but liked all those rules a little more. Being a sinner and acting like one were very different things entirely. Now, we call ourselves recovering legalists, ha!

My parents are about to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary, amazing! I have an older sister and she and her family live in Lindale, near Tyler. I’m turning 40 this year and I’m stoked! My husband and I are about to celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss and we have two boys, ages seven and four. I’m officially in the busy season of being all-in for my kiddos, with school, sports, etc.

Do you work?

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 7 years and usually love every minute of it?! I basically run a frat house…surrounded by loud, energetic boys that think all things related to dirt, combat and inappropriate sounds are amazing. I’m outnumbered. But seriously, they love their mama like something fierce, and I’m honored to help train them up in the way they should go.

A couple of years ago, after taking a biblical parenting class at my church, my perspective on being their mom changed when I was reminded, “The parent’s job is not to create the child but shepherd the child God already created.” God has already created them to be who they will be, it’s not my job to change them into who I think they should be, they are His unique creation. It’s my job to help them realize who they are in Christ and what He has in store for them. Game changer.

“The parent’s job is not to create the child but shepherd the child God already created.”

What are your hobbies and passions?

Oh hobbies…how I miss you. I love hot yoga, reading nonfiction, hanging with girlfriends and traveling when I can. I’m an extrovert so I just love being around people…but there’s nothing better than an empty house and Netflix. I have a passion for lovin’-on and leading others, whether that’s my playgroup, bible study small group or my Delta Gamma alums.

Tell us about your story of faith.

I accepted Christ when I was young, around seven, but it hasn’t been until recently that my faith has deepened into a rich dependence and acceptance of His steadfast love for me. I would say my walk with Christ has been more like a dance. Always moving forward, but a constant struggle of allowing God to lead while I step on His toes, trying to control the whole thing. When we’re in sync, it’s a beautiful, peaceful rhythm. Absolute joy! Just living by the Spirit and looking to Him for guidance and direction. But when I’m leading, it’s a hot mess of controlling everyone in my wake, a short temper, a selfish, prideful perspective and lots of talking…no listening. It’s exhausting. It’s a hourly and daily battle to surrender the lead to my Savior but how marvelous His love and patience is for me.

Describe a typical Tuesday!

A free day with my four year old!! If we stay at home, it’s laundry, catching up on emails and cleaning for me and building Legos, hunting for bugs, coloring or watching shows with him. If we have to run errands, I always try to eat out for lunch with him on a “lunch date” since I rarely get those sweet one-on-one moments with my youngest.

If you could have coffee with one of our readers, what wisdom would you want to impart?

Your story is unique to you, but that doesn’t make you terminally unique. Your gifts, your sin struggles, your achievements have all been given to you by the God of the Universe to make His glory known. Use your life and your journey to point others to Christ. Your unique story is meant to be shared with others, so that they may see and hear the love and redemption of Christ. You are enough because Jesus is enough. Share your struggles, be vulnerable and honest with your shortcomings and God will honor your bravery and it will impact others for the kingdom.

Your unique story is meant to be shared with others, so that they may see and hear the love and redemption of Christ. You are enough because Jesus is enough.

If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?

This question totally stresses me out, because I cannot have more than 10 unread emails on my phone. Cannot. If I could only answer 300 of them, I would answer my husband, family, friends and community group, than work stuff last.

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

Assuming I could actually sing it well, I’d either pick How Great Thou Art or since I’m a nerdy Celine Dion fan, Where Does My Heart Beat Now.

Finish this sentence with one word – “My life is marked by ______.”


I chose hope because it’s the undercurrent of my faith that carries me throughout any circumstance today. For 20 years I would have chosen the word, shame, because it was the lens I looked through when I saw my life and my Lord. I couldn’t get past all the bad choices and wrong turns I had made. My shame was a heavy weight I chose to carry, even though I was fully loved, fully forgiven and fully freed from my past, because of Jesus’ free gift of grace and forgiveness. When I finally accepted Christ love that had been there all along and began to see myself as He sees me, my lens changed. Now I am free from the weight of shame and living in the truth and hope of who I am in Him…a beloved daughter of the King.

“Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.” Psalm 25:5


CaseyUphues3Casey Uphues is a wife and mom living in the Dallas area. A snarky extrovert that loves making people laugh, reading, pimento cheese and being a boy mom. Most day you find her building legos with her boys, listening to podcasts, making lists and attempting to contain the volume and dirt levels in her home. The struggle is REAL! Connect with her on Facebook.

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