What Are You Marked By?

person-984019_1920Plagued by jealousy, fear, anxieties and comparison, women often go through their days feeling like everyone else is winning while they trudge through minute-by-minute just surviving. It’s isolating to look at others and see “different” or “better.”

The best way to overcome this is to tear down walls, get nitty gritty in each other’s kitchens, and start sharing secret family recipes. Sometimes this is hard, though. We can’t see through these walls that divide, and sometimes it takes too much courage to walk up and knock on the door.

If only we could take a peek inside. Then maybe we might see someone that looks like us – someone who just might invite us in.

I want to offer you a window into some special women’s lives. I’m privileged to share “interviews” with women in my life – some near and dear to my heart, some friends because of social media and mutual friends. Their answers will culminate to sharing what their lives are “marked by.” I imagine we will be able to raise our hands and say, “me too.”

I want all of our comparison and jealousy to turn into a celebration of the different and unique ways that God works in all of our lives. My desire is for the body of Christ to become more and more aware of all its working parts, and to build an appreciation and celebratory spirit for others’ joys and triumphs.

Satan has no stronghold when women can join together using our unique traits and gifts in community instead of letting them divide us. Maybe this series of interviews will be a catalyst and spur us onward in our own communities and neighborhoods, to knock on doors, enter messy kitchens, and go elbow deep in each other’s lives.

My first guest will be posted tomorrow! I can’t wait to share her insight with you. I hope you come alongside these women and start conversations about what they have shared.

Let’s be about building each other up, not about building walls between us.

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  1. Georgiana Daniels says: Reply

    It sounds like this will be a wonderful (and much needed) series! As far back as grade school gym class, I remember thinking how the boys were using teamwork and the girls were playing against each other. Only a small example from when I was a kid, but it made an impression on me.

    1. That is so true, and such a good example. We need to stick together!

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