(by faith fotography)

Hello! I’m Sarah Elizabeth – a wife, a mother, a Speech-Language Pathologist, a writer and a visionary. I’ve written my thoughts down since I was in middle school – catalogued in journals, on the back of old receipts stuffed in the recesses of my purses, and in random word documents saved unfiled and on the desktop. In college I started blogging here, mostly documenting my evolving thoughts on life, relationships and theology.

It has always been my dream to be a writer. Not the kind that doodles and dabbles on napkins and receipts, but the kind that publishes and impacts in books and online. So here I am on a new blog, posting my doodles and dabbles, and working towards becoming a “real” writer.

A little bit about us… My husband works in land development. I work in the home and as a contract Speech-Language Pathologist (very part-time). We have two babies a year apart, a German Shepherd with a heart of gold, and an orange Tabby who will make you wish you were a cat person.

My days are less than glamorous, but I have confidence in the calling that God has placed on my life – to share the Gospel, raise Christ followers, love my husband, disciple my friends and neighbors, and share the love of Jesus in every single interaction. Between chasing a toddler, nursing a baby and playing living room baseball with my husband, it’s hard to remember these truths when all feels chaotic. I need Jesus to stay grounded in my call – to stay mindful of my purpose. I’m so glad you’re in this chaos with me.