Make Mother’s Day Intentional – a Gift Guide

My daughter turns three this summer, so the other day I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly did not expect her innocent reply.

“Mommy, I want a box wrapped up, and when I open the box, I want there to be a pink donut inside!”

“A pink donut?” I asked.

“Yeah! A pink donut! That make me so happy, Mommy!”

I think I can make dreams come true this year. My prayer following our conversation was that my heart would desire the simple joys that life has to offer, and that I would anticipate and give sweet, intentional gifts.


If you missed my giveaway, I’m so sorry! I had three amazing gifts that were PERFECT for Mother’s Day. Have no fear – I’ve just included a round-up of my favorite gifts this year, just in time for all the mothers in your life.

My passion is sharing stories and writing words, but sometimes I like to take a break and just share some of the favorite writers and stories I have in my library.

These books are all on my bookshelf. I know these authors via internet friendships and have had the chance to meet many of them in real life! Their words are a gift and the work they are doing is so honorable and good. I hope you’ll consider supporting them.

As for the pretty goodies below the books, the countertop spray is the current favorite of mine as far as household goods go. Beautycounter and Noonday Collection are two companies that I love supporting, and my friends who represent them are doing good work supporting and encouraging other women all over the world. I just love it when my purchases are beautiful AND doing good, don’t you?

This post contains affiliate links which means that if you choose to purchase some of the items I share, I get a small percentage of your purchase at no extra cost to you. I only share things that I already love or that I think you will love too.


For moms in any life-stage, or women who are still waiting to be mothers – this book is a beautiful journey of reflection and growth. All the proceeds go to Redbud Writers Guild and their ministry.

For mothers of young children, or new mothers – this book is full of refreshing encouragement leaving you feeling heard, seen, and cherished as you live long days doing very small things.

For mothers who are waiting for healing, more children, answers to miscarriages, a change in pace – this book chronicles the story of the bleeding woman, and Ann beautifully shares her long battle where she ultimately finds the Lord.

For every mama out there – I know many of these writers and their honest stories of motherhood are heart-wrenching, vulnerable, funny, and captivating, promoting a chorus of “me toos” from every single reader that picks it up.

For the practical mom – this countertop spray is a recent obsession of mine. The 16 oz bottle lasts forever (I’ve been using it for 3 months now) and adds a fresh scent and shine to any surface. I just ordered two more bottles!

This is the “Perfectly Pink Set” from Beautycounter – perfect for ANY mother (including me…). My husband knows how much I love Beautycounter products and their commitment to creating a safer standard in the beauty industry, so maybe he’ll see this post :). If you’re interested in learning more about Beautycounter, check out my friend Sarah’s facebook group here.

I WANT THIS – so obviously other moms and special friends in our life will too, right?? This is from Noonday Collection, an incredible organization committed to empowering women and families in at-risk areas of the world. Check out my friend Andrea’s page for more info, and pick something beautiful out while you’re there.

If none of my gifts struck your fancy, check out these gift guides that I also love:


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