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image (3)Posted on a Tuesday…yet thanks for stopping by for {marriage mondays}! One of my favorite childhood (and who are we kidding, high school and college) memories is watching Veggie Tales, particularly the segments of “Silly Songs with Larry.” Who knew cucumbers could be more enjoyable than just as a salad topper? If you’ve never heard of Larry or his silly songs, just head on over to youtube. Here is one of my favorites:

Pretty silly, huh? My point is this: being silly is fun, and fun makes relationships stronger. Just think back to a time when you bonded with a friend over something fun(ny). Or even this – maybe you met someone at a party or through a mutual friend, first impression was a little awkward or annoying, but at the end of the meet y’all encountered some crazy, liberating fun. Nine times out of ten you’ll leave with the fun taste in your mouth, not the annoying.

One of my weaknesses is that I get annoyed easily, rather, I allow myself to be annoyed. Usually with people I’m close to, which means usually my husband. I have noticed, though, in all the time we spend together, I allow myself to be frustrated the least when we have had some quality silly-time. I am not justifying my frustration ever, however, it has made me think about why those silly songs make such a difference. When we are silly, we let our guard down and we become comfortable with one another – willing to share everything, even at the risk of resembling a singing and dancing cucumber. More of these times helps me see my husband for who he is, not what he does, which then allows me to look past quirky habits and annoyances. We don’t have to be silly all the time, but those fun times help our guard stay down in the quiet and serious moments.

So this week, be silly together so that you can be serious together. Kick off those shoes, turn up the music, and make like a cucumber.

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