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  • Confessions and Recipes

    It’s Tasty Tuesday, something that happens enough to be a pattern, but not enough to solidify this as a food blog. Cooking comes just after writing as a creative outlet for me, which is why it’s often featured here or my other social media outlets. I just can’t bring myself to let it go completely. […]

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  • It’s Friday!

    I have some exciting things to share as we head into May! I can’t believe it’s already May! Whew. 2016 is moving fast. On that note, I have been struggling to stay consistent in the Word with such a busy schedule. Let’s say “full” schedule. Busy connotates that I don’t love what I’m doing. If […]

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  • on writing (7 habits of a writer)

    I wish there was a formula. As I’ve delved deeper into the writing world these last few months, I’ve realized how far from that the process truly is. However, there are some habits┬áthat I have implemented that have pushed me along my journey and helped me reach my goals. I’m privileged to be published on […]