biscuits and bravery

We stood there together, she, being just under three feet tall, and me, a tower behind her, wanting to reach out and offer shelter under my hesitating frame. I couldn’t see her face, but I imagined the trepidation that I could feel as I saw her almost turning back. Standing in the doorway to a […]

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piles of mercy

I walked through the door into our bedroom and saw the pile. It was my husband’s pile and I shook my head feeling bitterness that it was still there. I think socks must breed in the drawer and then give birth in their dirty piles. It didn’t matter that I had my own growing stack […]

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and they were.

God said, “Hello light!” and light shone into the darkness. God called the light, “Day” and the darkness, “Night.” “You’re good,” God said. And they were. Then God said, “Hello sea! Hello sky!” and a great space opened up, wide and deep and high. “You’re good,” God said. And they were. Then God said, “Hello […]

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