When Light Shines in the Shadows

One day, you may find yourself in a thick cloud of darkness, and when it feels like it’s smothering you, you’re going to need to recall one of these stories to strengthen your faith. You’re going to want these answered prayers in your arsenal to shine light on the dark days you’re having.

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Pockets of Sunshine

I tuck away my “what ifs” and press into the long day ahead. I press in knowing I’ll need extra coffee, extra strength, and extra grace. I press in, knowing that the day will probably be full of trials and scant of “me time.”

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Seeking an Urban Faith

No parking between the hours of 6am-8am for street cleaning. My husband and I recently visited San Francisco where we quickly realized that street cleaning was a daily occurrence. This practice required moving our rental car from it’s prime parking spot every morning before the crack of dawn. We probably would not have taken these […]

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piles of mercy

I walked through the door into our bedroom and saw the pile. It was my husband’s pile and I shook my head feeling bitterness that it was still there. I think socks must breed in the drawer and then give birth in their dirty piles. It didn’t matter that I had my own growing stack […]

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