A Beautiful Errand

I wouldn’t say that life with two under two feels like drowning, but it’s easy to get tired treading water. This is hard to admit, though, especially when you’re in survival mode and focused on your kids more than yourself. I just admitted this truth to myself last month. The past two years have been […]

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When the Cookies Come the Day before Your Anniversary

We are celebrating four years. Four years of life together, of life shared between two hearts under one roof. Life filled with margaritas on Thursday nights and fights over the single sink in our master bathroom (still). Texts throughout the day about cars and songs and troubles. Hugs in the kitchen that can’t last long enough and quick kisses as we squeeze past each other in the laundry room on the way out the door. Arms that grow numb holding babies that won’t fall asleep, and the knowing nod from across the room that we’re doing ok in spite of it all. Meals shared across the table, in the living room, on the floor, on boxes, in front of the T.V., outside in lawn chairs and in the bed of your truck.

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Being Purposeful in the Hard and the Good

When you have two kids at home, “getting a break” means that one of those lovelies goes on vacation and you are left with the other one. I never thought I would feel that way after having my firstborn, but I’ve adapted and evolved so that my mind can rest a little bit when I’m […]

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What Are You Marked By?

Plagued by jealousy, fear, anxieties and comparison, women often go through their days feeling like everyone else is winning while they trudge through minute-by-minute just surviving. It’s isolating to look at others and see “different” or “better.” The best way to overcome this is to tear down walls, get nitty gritty in each other’s kitchens, […]

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