Pockets of Sunshine

I tuck away my “what ifs” and press into the long day ahead. I press in knowing I’ll need extra coffee, extra strength, and extra grace. I press in, knowing that the day will probably be full of trials and scant of “me time.”

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M&Ms and Meltdowns

I attempted to begin my daughter’s potty-training adventures this morning. The saga lasted just short of an hour and ended with a meltdown because I kept asking her if her pants were dry like a broken record. I found my 8 month old playing in a puddle that graciously turned out to be spilled apple […]

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biscuits and bravery

We stood there together, she, being just under three feet tall, and me, a tower behind her, wanting to reach out and offer shelter under my hesitating frame. I couldn’t see her face, but I imagined the trepidation that I could feel as I saw her almost turning back. Standing in the doorway to a […]

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