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  • Baby Birds and Battle Cries

    We have a Blue Jay nest in the big tree that’s in the middle of our back yard. This pair of birds comes back every year to gather sticks, grass clippings and clumps of dog hair that so kindly accumulate in the corners of our lawn. My husband and I were outside the other night […]

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  • Marked By His Love

    Today I’m continuing my “Marked By” series. For a full explanation of these posts see here. I’m so pleased to introduce a friend who I’ve gotten to know better through Facebook. She married my friend from college, and as I’ve seen glimpses of her heart through her pictures and posts, I knew I needed to […]

  • Mommy Mondays
  • free fun!

    My goal is to jazz up your Mondays, or at least give you something to look forward to (see my first {marriage mondays} post here)! Today I’m focusing on new mommies, especially those with newborns or infants. My sweet little one will be 3 months old tomorrow, and I feel like I’ve reached a peak and […]