to be known

I signed up for a Writing Workshop through one of my favorite blogs, Coffee + Crumbs. I haven’t been posting on here because most of my designated “writing” time has been consumed by my weekly assignments. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to write to specific prompts, and I’m so enjoying the challenge. I’ll post one of my assignments here in the next few days.

The workshop is called “Known” and I’ve been realizing that so many of our actions and words spill out of us in order to be known by others. But do we even know ourselves?

Unless we know where we are, we won’t be able to gain perspective on where we need to go. I’m sure there’s a profound quote about that by someone, somewhere on the internet (if you google it and find it will you share it with me?). This workshop is encouraging me to ask the hard questions and answer them. Just like we spend time meditating on scripture, learning a new piece of music and engaging in conversation to know others, I think it’s important to begin to know yourself.

What do you love? What do you hate? What makes your blood boil?

What do you think are good questions to ask ourselves?

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  1. I think much of writing (at this point at least) is about self exploration and figuring out what we know about ourselves, as well as learning what me might not have known. I’m really enjoying the workshop! It’s crazy thought provoking and inspiring 🙂

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