Where is Jesus?

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This Monday feels heavy. An atrocity has hit close to home and the internet and media is buzzing about it, treating it like fuel for the flames of <insert agenda here>. I don’t want to add to all the noise, but I want to offer what I believe we should be offering as believers – the answer to this question.

Where is Jesus?

Today, Jesus is holding you as you cry for your loved ones you’ve lost.

He’s reaching out to you from the corners of your mind that you didn’t know existed.

He’s in the comment below the one you’re about to write on the article that makes you boil.

He’s in the silence that you fear and in the noise that makes you numb.

He’s in the churches that are praying and His presence is felt there.

He’s in the churches that don’t know how to handle this, gently nudging them towards love.

He’s with believers and atheists, gay and straight, Muslims, NRA activists, gun haters, <insert your group or label here>.

Yesterday, Jesus was in the gay nightclub in Orlando.

He was pursuing His people, made in His image.

He was looking on in love at the people He created, longing for them to notice Him there.

He was looking on in sadness as someone abused their power and took lives that are only His to take.

He wept as He saw sons and daughters become victims of sin and hate.

He was standing in line next to those donating blood.

He is crying out for this to end – that He has already spilled His blood so we don’t have to.

Most of all He is wanting us to see how much He loves us – all of us.

People of Orlando, people of the world, my Jesus loves you and I love you.


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